Richly Enhancing Children's Educational Speech Skills


​​​​​​​Connie Yu., M.S. CCC-SLP
Director of Recess Therapy 

Mrs. Yu earned her Bachelor of Science from University of California, Riverside. Then obtained her Master's degree from University of Redlands.  During her graduate training at University of Redlands, Ca. Mrs. Yu graduated Summa Cum Laude and received numerous graduate scholarship. She  was also nominated for the Parker Award in 2008, and awarded for California Speech and Language Association (CSHA) Outstanding Graduate student award. Mrs. Yu has worked in the public and private sector servicing children from the 0-3 population and school age children in the elementary and intermediate level. She is  trained in Hanen Parent Trainer for "It Takes Two to Talk" and "More than Words". She is also PROMPT trained and has focused her career working with children with autism and/or complex speech and language disorder.

Mrs. Yu is a fluent Mandarin and English Speech Language Pathologist who is devoted in providing parents strategies so that they may feel empowered to implement in the home. She is an ASHA certified Bilingual Mandarin Speech Language Pathologist. She also serves as one of the advisory board member at Pasadena City College, Speech Language Pathologist Assistant Program.
Connie Yu is a certified and trained in:
--Hanen Parent Trainer for "It Takes Two to Talk and "More than Words".
--PROMPT for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets.
--Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
--Integrated Listening System
--Color My Conversations
--Lidcombe Program
--Kauffman Approach
--Lindamood Bell: Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing
--Talk Tools

本診所的首席治療師 Connie Yu 女士受過 Hanen Parent Trainer的 "It Takes Two to Talk" 和 "More than Words" 的培訓。
她也受過PROMPT 的培訓, 並且使用 Lidcombe 教學法來治療有早期口吃狀況的學前幼兒。 游女士特別重視與過動症(ADHD)
以及自閉症(Autism) 有關的社交技巧課程。 她所使用的課程涵括了 Kimochi's feelings", "Think
Social" 和 "My Conversations" 。
工作閒餘之時 Connie 喜歡與兩個孩子玩,享受各國美食,以及看電影。
Connie在 University of California Riverside 得到學士學位,然後在 University of
Redland 取得碩士學位 。 她在攻讀碩士學位之時,得到了最高榮譽,並且獲得了許多獎學金。 2008年的時候獲得了Parker Award 的提名,同時也獲得California Speech and Language Association 優等畢業生獎。她是ASHA一個認證的中國普通話語音語言治療師

Connie 在公立以及私立機構服務已久,幫助0到3歲的孩童,以及國小至國中的學童。
Connie Yu 是一位會說流利的中英文的語言治療師,可提供父母們在家能夠運用的策略。
Connie Yu 擁有合格證書資格如下:

使用氣骨傳導法幫助過動症、 睡眠障礙、感官不協調、或是語言障礙的孩童

Ms. Natalie
Office Manager
Ms. Amanda D
Office Assistant
Ms. DeDe 
Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Natalie moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015 for a change. She was born in a small agricultural town in Tulare County but was raised in the capital of California. She was a pharmacy technician for 13 years and is also certified in Hatha Yoga Instruction. She loves to hike and travel. Recently she backpack to Germany and plans to go back to school be become involved in Holistic Medicine.
Ms. Amanda grew up in Ohio and moved to California after enjoying and extended stay in the state. She is currently a student at Pasadena City College working towards a bachelors in education to become a teacher. She enjoys working in an environment where she is able to interact with others. In her spare time, she likes to read, hile and play games with friends.
DeDe obtained her Masters in Communicative Disorder at CSUN. She has been a practicing  SLP for 8 years and has extensive background in working with children with a variety of needs specifically in the area of language and learning. DeDe enjoys traveling and spending time with her family/friends. She is passionate about the field of speech pathology that during her spare time she enjoys learning new researched based techniques.
Ms. Brenda
Certified Music Therapist
Dr. Mimi Savage
Certified Drama Therapist and PhD in Expressive Art Therapy
Ms. Debbie
Speech Language Pathology Assistant
Ms. Brenda recieved her Bachelor in Music Therapy from University of Windsor, Canada and Master of Music Therapy from Colorado State University specialized in Neurologic Music Therapy. She has over 10 years of experience working in creative art programs, adult day program, school districts and clinics.
Ms. Debbie was born and raised in Taiwan until age 15. Her passion for children with special needs leads her to dive into the speech world. She received her bachelor degree in communication disorder at California State University Los Angeles. She has experience working with  children with various speech and language needs. She has implemented PECS and  implements ABA with positive reinforcement strategies in the school setting.
Mimi Savage, PhD is head of expressive arts therapies at Recess, Speech and Language Therapy. She is also on faculty at UCLArts and Healing, Social Emotional Arts (SEA) program, a partnership with UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine, where she instructs professional development for teachers, clinicians, and artists on the uses of expressive therapy and drama therapy with children and adults. Dr. Savage teaches UCLA medical students, the department of mental health and leads groups for corporate clients. 

Ms. Hannah
Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Amanda
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant 
Ms. Traci
Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Traci is a graduate from California State University, Northridge. Traci loves working with the pediatric population, especially since they teach her about fun, love, and all the coolest toys. Traci is PROMPT, PECS and Hanen trained.  She also enjoys doing Zumba and playing basketball in her spare time.
Ms. Hannah graduated from UCLA with BA degree in Mass Communication and received
MA degree from Cal State University, Fullerton in Communicative Disorder. She is trained in swallowing evaluation, diet modification, and management of dysphagia. Hannah has provided speech evaluation and treatment to adults with aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, voice, and cognitive impairments. She has conducted modified barium swallow study as well as blue dye test for tracheostomy patient with respiratory therapist.

Amanda Macias was born and raised in San Gabriel. She developed a deep understanding for people with disabilities through a lifelong relationship with her brother, who is a person with autism. Amanda graduated with a major in Communicative Disorders and a minor in Developmental Disabilities from Cal State LA. She has worked as an AVID Tutor at Jefferson Middle School, a classroom assistant and a one-on-one aide for students with disabilities at Seymour Lamar Mayer Learning Center. She enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with close friends and family.

Ms. Jessica
Speech Language Pathologist- Clinical Fellow
Ms. Tiffany
Fine Artist/Educator
Tiffany Truong graduated from California State University, Pomona with a BA in Psychology. She is also a Behavior Therapist for children with Autism and related developmental disabilities. She has previously worked as an art teacher for Young Rembrandts and as an art gallery assistant at the Kellogg University Art Gallery. Tiffany's greatest passions are art, counseling, and youth empowerment; she hopes to pursue a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a specialization in Art Therapy.
Ms. Jessica earned her Master of Science in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from
Chapman University. During her graduate career she was awarded the California Speech-
Language-Hearing Association (CSHA) Foundation Scholarship. Ms. Jessica is passionate
about working with the pediatric population and has experience in infant and child feeding
and dysphagia therapy acquired at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. She has enjoyed
working in the school setting implementing the use of AAC and positive reinforcement. Ms.
Jessica is passionate about traveling and has danced since childhood. She would love toincorporate movement into her future therapy.