Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy uses exercises, activities, strategies and accommodations to help kids develop the skills they need to become more independent.
There are lots of benefits of OT for children. The sooner a child starts OT, the more effective it tends to be. Some kids learn to concentrate better and complete their schoolwork with more success through occupational therapy. Others have increased self-confidence as they learn to do more tasks on their own.

Does your child need Occupational Therapy?
---Does your child have a difficult time with self-care or activities of daily living (brushing teeth, buttoning clothes, using eating utensils)

---Hand-eye coordination (writing on a classroom whiteboard, copying in a notebook what the teacher writes on the board)

---Fine motor skills (grasping and controlling a pencil, using scissors)

---Poor Gross motor skills (doing jumping jacks, working on core muscle strength for sitting posture)

---Difficulty with motor planning and organization or

---Over/under Sensory responses (helping kids with sensory processing issues respond to sensory input in more comfortable ways)

---Is a picky eater and has a limited amount of food choices.

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